About Us

Help Center is a peer counseling and crisis intervention hotline, where you can speak to a peer counselor in confidence about any problem you’re dealing with. 

You don’t have to provide your name or any identifying information. All calls made to the Help Center are kept strictly confidential because we are here to provide you with an anonymous ‘listening ear’. No issue is too big or small; our intent is to listen and provide feedback and further resources. We also provide walk-in counseling and free, confidential pregnancy tests without an appointment.


Day Hours
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 2pm-2am 2pm-2am2pm-2am2pm-2am2pm-2am
Friday 2pm-10pm
Saturday 4pm-midnight


Day Hours
Mon-Thurs 2pm-8pm

Location: Above South Campus Dining Hall (room 3105). You can find us most easily by taking the stairs located to the right of the dining hall’s main entrance.

DISCLAIMER: Help Center has no control over the ads that may appear on this webpage, nor do we receive revenue from them. Ads on this page do not represents the beliefs or values of Help Center. We welcome you to call and discuss them if they are triggering or upsetting in any way.